Readings and Healings

‘Live your true life purpose’

Glenn offers different ways to bring through healing and to connect you with spirit, receiving spiritual messages, guidance and healing. You will be drawn to the spiritual reading and healing that suits you at this time. Glenn’s spiritual work is beyond a standard ‘psychic reading’. Although he may connect with loved ones who have passed into spirit or your spiritual guides, he goes beyond this connecting with spirit using his psychic abilities to go even further. The profound and uplifting changes it can bring about in your life has meant Glenn now has numerous repeat clients.

Choose from the following Readings & Healing’s which are explained further below:

  • Spiritual Reading – 1 hour   
  • Healing – 1 hour      
  • Ascension Healing – 2 hours deep healing            
  • 3 Keys to Liberation

Readings & Healings

  • Spiritual Reading

    1-hour Healing – In Person or by Skype
    This spiritual reading will bring you clarity around a situation, answer a question you may have or help with a situation you are struggling with. Glenn will use his clairvoyance to connect with spirit and give you a spiritual reading, often connecting with relatives and loved ones in spirit, your spirit guides, angels or the Ascended Masters. He will bring through messages from the spirit world of guidance to help bring you clarity and direction.
    Done in person at Muriwai Valley, Auckland or via Skype.

    Cost NZ$ 120 for 1-hour reading


  • Healing

    1-hour Healing – In Person
    A healing session for those needing to centre themselves and release blockages. This spiritual connection centers your body, bringing integration and healing of any emotional stress, bringing you into peace and harmony. This session begins with a spiritual connection where Glenn receives messages from your guides and loved ones or the Ascended Master’s to bring an understanding around your current situation. He will then facilitate healing using various methods including crystal layouts and hands on healing (fully clothed).
    Done in person at Muriwai Valley, Auckland

    Cost NZ$ 120 for 1-hour healing


  • Ascension Healing

    2-hour reading – In Person or by Skype
    The ultimate connection, in-depth and clear – a combined spiritual reading and healing. Learn about your life purpose, connect with the Ascended Master who is working most closely with you and clarify your life through numerology. This enlightenment often includes a discovery around past lives that may need clearing to bring alignment and peace. The Ascended masters are here to help us on our journey and you will discover which Ascended Master you have been connected too. This session includes connection, guidance and healing – on a much deeper level.
    Done in person at Muriwai Valley, Auckland or via Skype.

    Cost NZ$ 250 for 2 hour healing


  • 3 Keys to Liberation

    3 x 1 hour releasing healing – In Person
    A profound yet simple spiritual healing to clear blockages, remove negativity and set you free. This completely NEW HEALING process, bought to us by the Ascended Masters assist you to clear blockages, free yourself from emotional turmoil and embed the results for lasting change.

    The amazing process brings through the Violet Flame to clear, divine Love to heal and your Ascended Master to bring direction.
    3 x 1 hour sessions, spread out over several months, takes you step by step through the process and you leave with the tools you need to forever handle any situation.
    Done in person at Muriwai Valley, Auckland

    1 Clear and Release
    2 Feel Divine Love
    3 Connect & Clarify

    Cost $ 100 per 1-hour healing – total $ 300
    Appointments are made at intervals every few weeks depending on integration needed.


BOOK ONLINE or phone Glenn on (+64-9) 411 8652

For in person reading / healing you can BOOK these readings on any available Tuesday slot as listed on our booking page, or select ‘request a date / time’ and indicate what days/times suit you best. In person readings and healing’s are conducted in Muriwai, Auckland, about 30 – 45 minutes’ drive from Auckland city.

For SKYPE readings, please select the ‘request a date / time’ option and we will get back to you. Due to the time difference your Skype reading may need to be held early morning or late evening.

About Glenn

About Glenn

Glenn has been able to ‘see’ and communicate with spirit since his childhood. Over the years his ability has developed into an extensive and intimate knowledge of the ‘other side’ and our own reason for being in this world. The Ascended Masters have connected with Glenn bringing through information about our world and the healing that is occurring. Glenn has also been painting the Ascended Masters, as a method for people to really connect with them and feel their energy. Having a painting (portal) of the ascended Master in your home helps bring their presence to you.

Recently the Masters have taught Glenn about the powerful ’13 rays’ which we can connect too for powerful healing. Glenn lives and works in Muriwai Valley in West Auckland. Glenn’s art prints of the Ascended Masters are for sale in the shop.

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